The biggest lies about the nutrition



If enough long repeat a lie, it becomes true. Some lies about eating hear for years, day by day. But how many times you hear them, they are not true.

Eggs are not healthy

Eggs are full with cholesterol and therefore are bad for health, especially for the heart. But the facts speak otherwise. Studies shows that cholesterol in food does not raise blood cholesterol. In fact, eggs contain good cholesterol that is associated with increasing risk of heart disease.Eggs are one of the best foods in the world! Full with antioxidants and protein and are ideal for breakfast, because, unlike baked goods, not fat.

Cereals are the best breakfast

Everyone claims that healthy foods are based on cereals. But they have little food value compared with vegetables. Also contain phytic acid which has minerals and prevents their absorption in the digestive system.


Food that doesn’t contain fats is healthy

Do you know how is the taste of food when all fats will be extracted? Such as that no one will want to smell.
For that reason food manufacturers add various additives to enhance the flavor. Most often these attachments contain sugar. New studies show that because of the additions, food that doesn’t contain a fat contributes developing of diabetes and heart disease. Food that artificially are removed fats is very unhealthy.

Omega-3 acids and vegetable oils are important for proper nutrition

It is true that people need omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the risk of many diseases. Omega-6 and Omega-3 acids are good for human health if are taken in certain quantities. If you overdo the amount, you can have bad effects on your health.


During the day you should eat many small meals

That idea is one of the biggest myths about food that makes no sense. Many times are made surveys and experiments that show no difference whether you eat small or large meals. It is important only at the end, when counting, to have not eaten a lot.
So, to repeat, there is no evidence that better is to eat smaller than fewer larger meals.

Sugar is bad for health because it contains empty calories

Embossed opinion that sugar is not good for health because it contains empty calories. It is true that there are many sugar calories that have no food value, but it is not the main problem with sugar. It is bad for the health for many other reasons.
It contains a high percentage of fructose which increases the amount of cholesterol in the blood, creates insulin resistance and also makes a track to the obesity and diabetes. Sugar is one of the worst foods known to the people, but it is not because of its “empty calories.”


Foods high in fat causes obesity

Advice to slim people often are: eat fatty foods and you will obey. Sounds quite reasonable and rational, but it is not so simple.
Foods high in fat doesn’t gain weight alone by itself. Other things are also important. Obesity depends on how physically you are active, do you live in a hot or cold climate or are you under stress or not. All this and many other things will determine what will happens with your body after you will eat fatty food.