Is homemade food an excuse for your body?

Have you ever wondered why you do not look fit, when you only eat at home? You have heard that people who eat at home are always in better shape, but it just is not working for you. Well here are a few rules you need to follow to get the results.
The first problem is rushing through the cooking. Food should be enjoyed. If you simply do not have the time for cooking, you should make a schedule and find time. And remember that the phrase “There is always time for everything” characterizes success.



Next thing that you should pay attention to is not over spicing your food with refined sugar, salt and flour. Overusing these products causes:

  • Slowing of brain functions and memory
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer

Our suggestion is to use Himalayan/red salt, brown sugar and regularly eat fruit and wheat bread/pastries.

Definitely worth mentioning are the sauces and cooking with sunflower cooking oil. We all know how good food can be delicious and less crude but it directly affects our health, especially affecting the subcutaneous and blood fats. As with the spices, sauces can be made at home. It is also recommended that you replace sunflower oil with olive or coconut oil.

Foods that have been stored for a long time is also a cause of poor health and appearance. Looking at the nutritional aspect of food, it loses 70% of its nutrients after being stored. With that being said, fresh food is a must.