7 Ailments that Can be Treated with the Lemon, Salt, and Pepper Trio

7 Ailments that Can be Treated with the Lemon, Salt, and Pepper Trio


People have been using natural ingredients to alleviate and treat different diseases for many centuries now. Lemon, salt, and pepper, are some of the most common ingredients found in almost every kitchen. Lemon juice and the lemon peel are excellent for congestion because they contain antioxidants. Salt is excellent in the removal of water from the body’s tissues, resulting in reduced inflammation and reduced pain as a result of inflammation. Black pepper and cayenne pepper possess antioxidants and flavonoids which are beneficial for the immunity. They also alleviate ache, improve the function of the digestive tract, and break up mucus deposits.


A sore throat can be alleviated by a mixture of warm lemon juice, salt, and cayenne pepper. Lemon juice is a weak acid and it dissolves the mucus in the throat. It’s also a natural antiseptic with vitamin C. Salt pulls water from the swollen tissues in the throat and relieves inflammation. Capsaicin is an ingredient in cayenne pepper that acts a mild pain reliever if you gargle or sip it.


Lemon can ease nausea and encourage constriction of the gastric tissues to move whatever is causing problems in the digestive tract because of its scent. Cayenne pepper is excellent in stimulation of the gastric secretions and the movement of the esophagus. A bit of salt mixed with a cup of water can also draw out toxins from the stomach tissues causing the nausea, but try to avoid drinking too much salty water.


If you have problems with sinuses, salt water is very beneficial for opening them up. A bit of salt mixed with distilled warm water can open up the sinus tissues and remove mucus when it’s applied with a neti pot. The scent of lemon is excellent for opening up blocked sinuses, but you mustn’t snort it. Adding cayenne or black pepper to some healthy beverage of your choice will stimulate the nose to run and loosen dried mucus.


Lemon and lemon juice can help you with asthma as you will be adding vitamin C into your diet. This vitamin improves the work of the immune system and makes it less exposed to the factors for asthma attacks. The antioxidants found in black and cayenne pepper have antioxidants that strengthen the immunity, so try to include them in your meals as much as possible.


Toothache can be alleviated with a mixture of pepper and salt. The salt will pull out any fluids from the swollen gums and the pepper will ease the pain. Adding a bit of grated lemon peel will help you strengthen the gums and add vitamin C that helps the body in the fight against infection. Be careful with lemon juice, because this acid can damage your tooth enamel.


A mixture of black pepper, lemon, and salt can fight off virus and bacteria with its antioxidants and flavonoids. Black pepper and salt are able to break up the mucus deposits in the throat. This 3 ingredient mixture can also alleviate other cold or flu symptoms like nausea, sinus issues, sore throat, etc.


These ingredients can be very helpful when you are feeling depressed. Depression is associated with low sodium levels and low potassium and lemons are rich in potassium. Include natural sea salt or Himalayan salt in your diet because they don’t contain added chemicals like the usual processed table salt. Piperine, a valuable ingredient found in black pepper, stimulates the nervous system and alleviates depression.